Yuriko Yoshitaka "I do not need to know" affair site 8.4%

The average audience rating of the 6th episode broadcast on the 12th of the Nippon Television series drama "Knowing Delicious Koto" [Wednesday 10:00 pm] starring Yoshiko Yuriko [31] is 8.4% [Kanto area] According to a video research survey on the 13th.

The first episode was 9.4%, the second episode was 8.9%, the third episode was 10.3%, the fourth episode was 9.1%, and the fifth episode was 8.7%.

Kate Makabe, played by Yoshitaka, is a special group reporter for the leading weekly magazine “Weekly East”. Kyouko Akiyoshi, who raised Kate as a single mother, is a movie translator mother, Annan, who died, saying that her father was a Hollywood star, "Keanu Reeves". Being exposed to the mysterious words left by her mother while revealing the truth of society. This is a work-based human drama sent in Shizu Oishi's original script. A younger member of the series, Haruki Nonaka, his lover, Daiki Shigeoka [Johnny's WEST], editor-in-chief Susumu Iwatani, Kuranosuke Sasaki, animal photographer Kate's ex-boyfriend Yuichiro Odaka, Yu Eramoto, and a mysterious bicycle shop, Nonoju Kaoru Kobayashi plays Atetsu.

In the sixth episode, Kate tells Nojua that she is the daughter of Annan. However, Nojua suddenly directs the water of the hose to Kate. Otaka [Eru Emoto] worried and rushed to hear Kate's words that she wanted to know “the truth” of why Nojua happened, and Takamura, a lawyer who was in charge of Nojua at the time, Takes Kate to [Mitsuru Hirata].

Meanwhile, Kate searching for the material of the next week's article is said to be an actress from a talented popular chess player Yosuke Sakuraba [Kentaro Tamura] 's wife Kazumi [Mana Mikura] and actress Fumika Yoshizawa [Aimi Satsugawa] and her husband. Receive a direct tale. Kazumi sends out two loving adultery emails as proof, and says that he wants Sakuraba to return to himself under social sanctions. However, a strange code using a shogi game record was used to contact the secret meeting place. Kate immediately follows them, but finds it difficult to control the affair. Meanwhile, Kate sees a new encrypted email that Kazumi obtained, and asks Haruki, the captain of the Shogi club in high school, to decipher the game record. At that time, Kate, who was watching at home one of the e-mails of affairs sent by Kazumi one after another, strongly realizes that she wants to meet Odaka in herself in response to the words "I want to meet." The next day, Iwatani adopted Sakuraba's affair in the next week's story, and the teamwork of a special team aimed at the affair site started in earnest.

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