Yutaka Matsuoka: “Lively actress power” that reveals the shortcomings

This fall, the starring movie “Honey and the Thunderstorm” [directed by Kei Ishikawa], the movie “Hitoyo” [directed by Kazuaki Shiraishi], a series of fun for women who work in snacks, will be released this fall. Actress who was actress Yuu Matsuoka. Also, in the special drama “The Sagano People-20 Years Later” [Fuji Television], which was broadcast the other day, appeared in the role of Wakame, although there are not many works, Wasn't it a year when it really proved its worth? What I feel through the three works that tried completely different characters is that the weaknesses and shortcomings of the role are exposed, and Matsuoka-san is an actress who can give them a wonderful light. It was a lively performance that showed the moment when human weakness changed to light.

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