Yuto Totsuka 2nd, Ryoka Hirano 3rd place Snowboard World Cup HP

The half-pipe [HP] final was held, and Yuto Totsuka [YONEX], who has won two consecutive titles by category, was second with 94.50 points. Ryuka Hirano [Murasaki Sports] is third with 89.25 points. Scott James [Australia] scored 4th win with 96.00 points.

The 4th place of 72.50 points of Imai walnut [Prio Corporation] was the highest among Japanese women. Matsumoto Haruka [Cruise] was 7th, Ono Mitsuki [Snowa Mizonokuchi-R246] was 8th. Keralto Castellet [Spain] won the fifth victory with 87.75 points. [Joint]

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