Yuu Takahashi talks about his feelings just before giving birth

Yuu Takahashi, 28, a pregnant model of her first child, reported that she had entered maternity leave due to her new month, and spelled the sentiment that her childbirth was imminent, saying, "I can finally see you soon."

Takahashi updated his blog on the 15th. "I'm getting bigger than my stomach since the December issue" and the photo on the cover of the currently released information magazine "Tamago Club @ February" [Benesse Corporation]. I'm always on maternity leave, and I'm getting closer to seeing it soon.

He says he is preparing for hospitalization for childbirth. "I'm talking about what the real time with Hiro-kun will be in the next couple of decades again," she said in a conversation with her husband, K-1 fighter Hirotaka Urabe, and said, "I'm really looking forward to my future life. — ".

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