Yuuki Kawauchi, "In the business team player" showing the future of professionals

On the 13th, Yuki Kawauchi [33 = Aioi Nissay Dowa Soho], who is active as a professional runner in the men's marathon, updated his Twitter account. Regarding the future state of professional runners, he said, "I think the era in which we have to register as a broad-based business team and unite as a player of the same business group has begun."

The Japan Business Federation Athletics Federation has changed its registration system from this season in response to the diversification of "employment patterns" and "work styles". Previously, the company-centered frame was the main focus, but a new team frame called "club team" was created.

It is now possible to register a team of people belonging to different companies or groups, or a team of multiple players who do not belong to a company, as a "club team" in the federation.

In other words, a new form has become possible in which, while being free to act professionally as a sole proprietor, "registering as a business group" allows you to participate in a wide range of business group competitions. The wall that existed between "businessmen" while being "professional" was lowered.

On the 12th of the previous day, the qualifications for the Hofu Yomiuri Marathon, which had continued to participate, were announced every year. Except for the players who were invited, the eligibility of the elite division was limited to registered athletes of the Japan Business Federation Athletics Federation. Hofu Yomiuri is an event that Kawauchi is deeply attached to, such as taking his grandfather every year. For that reason, he seems to have considered his current position where he may not be able to participate in the tournament because he is not registered with the business team.

Many events were canceled due to the new coronavirus. The tournaments held are valuable, and running a race with official records may continue to be related to the presence or absence of registration with the Japan Business Federation Athletics Association. In other words, Kawauchi said, "It is a kind of "corona measures" for professional runners including citizen runners." The era may be over."

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