Yuzo Kayama tour return "The cerebral infarction disappears"

Singer Yuzo Kayama [82] who developed a mild cerebral infarction on November 8 and returned to a concert tour in Tokyo on the 14th, delivered a lively singing voice to 2150 fans who gathered.

Kayama said, “It was a cerebral infarction and I was able to do it safely, but there was no sequelae and nothing. I was sorry for the noise. "What is it?" “I think it ’s thanks to you. Thanks for your support. I ’m full of gratitude.”

The November 16 Saitama and Omiya performances and the 28th Sapporo performance were postponed, but after leaving the hospital on November 19th, the US movie “Jumanji Next Level” was first challenged on 4th of this month. I have worked on interviews and events. However, this is the first solo performance after discharge. At the venue, 27 songs such as “Star of the Night Sky”, “Traveler”, and “Kimi to forever” were sung while taking into consideration the physical condition and intermingling the seating style.

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