Yuzuru Hanyu, 3 types, 4 successful, 4 rounds Lutz is only a crossing

Yuzuru Hanyu [25 = ANA], who started 2nd in the short program [SP], practiced at the production hall for the free day.

Gislan Brian Coach, whose passport was stolen, was late to the field, and finally arrived on the final day of the competition, which was his 25th birthday. I practiced for the first time in this game, watching from the link side.

The difference from No. 1 Nathan Chen [USA] is 12.95 points. In order to win the biggest reverse victory in the history of Hanyu, it has a structure that jumps 4 types and 5 4 rotation jumps. In the practice of “Origin”, we succeeded in 4 types of 4 loops, 4 rotations Sarco, 4 rotations toe loop-Euler-3 rotations flip, 4 rotations-3 rotations continuous toe loop. The four-turn Lutz, which attracted attention for its input, only confirmed the crossing many times, and did not jump in the practice of the day.

The Parabella Stadium, where the game will be held, is where the longed-for Mr. Evgeni Plushenko [Russia] won a gold medal at the 2006 Torino Olympics. When he entered the site, he expressed his strong determination to say, “I feel like I am in the same venue as the Olympics. Appears at 9:38 pm on the 7th of Japan time.

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