Yuzuru Hanyu and Daisuke Takahashi all-Japan battle is open at Shimbashi Station

Fuji TV is a “pillar video [signage]” installed outside the ticket gates of Tokyo Metro Shimbashi Station. Special videos of figure skating Yuzuru Hanyu [25] and Daisuke Takahashi [33] are available for a limited time only. .

The station will broadcast the "All Japan Figure Skating Championship" [7 pm] live for four consecutive nights from 19th. Much attention has been paid to Hanyu, who will be participating in Japan for the first time in four years, and Takahashi, who will turn to ice dance at the end of this tournament and become the last single. Looking back on the battles of the two Japanese figures so far. What is released is a pattern of battles in all Japanese figures in 2009, 11, 12, and 13 when Hanyu and Takahashi participated.

Ten years ago in 2009, the 23-year-old Takahashi was back from the previous year when he missed an injury and won the fourth victory. The 15-year-old Hanyu, who participated as an all-Japan junior champion, won 6th place.

In 2011, 25-year-old Takahashi won the fifth victory for the first time in two years with a stable performance. Hanyu, who was 17 years old, took 3rd place in the Grand Prix series and gained attention. She smiled on the first podium.

In 2012, Takahashi reached 2nd place in the short, 2nd place after succeeding in a free 4-turn jump. Hanyu ran away from the short 1st place, and won the first victory in Japan.

In 2013, Takahashi injured his right leg just before. I challenged myself by pushing injuries, but ended in 5th place. Hanyu performed the best performance in both short and free, and achieved all-Japan championship with a different dimension of strength.

Hanyu who has been in Japan for the first time in four years, Takahashi who will be the last single before the ice dance conversion, and Masama Uno aiming for the fourth straight victory in Japan. It is the first time in eight seasons that these three people are all in Japan. The battle on the ice begins over the first in Japan.

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