Yuzuru Hanyu's coach enters the country and is late due to passport theft

Gislan Brian Coach, who teaches Yuzuru Hanyu [ANA], who is second in the men's short program [SP] at the Grand Prix of Figure Skating [GP], entered Torino on the 6th. At the venue, according to the interview, "I'm wondering what would happen if Yu-soo slips [with a 5 degree four-turn jump] free and without mistakes."

Brian Coach arrives in Frankfurt with Hanyu on the 3rd. However, he was delayed because he got his passport theft and returned to Canada to reacquire it.

Hanyu planned to make four rounds in two consecutive jumps scheduled for SP, and the top Nathan Chen [USA] scored a difference of 12.95 points. “All else was good. Lamented.

It was understood that Hanyu challenged the quad accelerator [4 turn half jump] in the official practice on the 6th. [Joint]

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