Z-Car that returned to Yokohama Port after 30 years | Important Z brought back from the US | 77 Datsun 280Z Vol.2

Mr. Waki, who became the owner of the 280Z, was busy and had a tough time working, but for his hobby, he decided to lead a rosy life.

∙ For commuting, use Miata and 280Z alternately. Once a month at the Japanese S30 owner's association called "P.C.H.Midnight" who is active in Torrance in Los Angeles, he participates in "Z-Car West Court Nationals" and "Japanese Classic Car Show".
I also went to Las Vegas to attend an event hosted by Desert Z Association Arizona, one of the famous Z-Car clubs.

Although it is unthinkable in Japan, there were times when a strange American woman talked to us at a supermarket parking lot and talked about the S30Z and old cars.

I enjoyed the old car life everyday, but decided to return to Japan in 2006. It's time to let go of the car that was supposed to be in the United States only.
However, I could not let go of the difficult 280Z, and decided to transport it to Yokohama Port.

At that time, when I reviewed the materials about the 280Z kept by the former owner, it was discovered that I left Yokohama Port 30 years ago.

In other words, after more than a quarter of a century, the 280Z returned to Yokohama Port.

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The body color is KL0 [D] silver. The redness is slightly stronger than the original.

The seat shape is almost the same as the domestic S30Z seat. There is a split in the center of the seat, so Mr. Waki ​​wants to fix it quickly.

A rear gate that opens to the rear. It is maintained as it was at that time.

There is no place for an air cleaner and it is being driven in front of the radiator.

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