Zagitowa ceased activities “Go to Sports University and coach”

Russia's Arena Zagitowa [17], a figure skating girl and gold medal of the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, will stop acting as a player on the program of the government channel "first channel" on the 13th Expressed. He continues to practice and goes to the ice show, but he says, “I have already won. I have everything in my life.” Perceived as a de facto retirement declaration.

Zagitowa stated that he would not enter the Russian Championship at the end of this month. “The Russian skating world is becoming younger,” suggesting that the rise of younger players is behind the decision.

Zagitowa played at the Pyeongchang Olympics at the age of 15 and won a fierce battle with Evgeni Medvedeva [Russia], who had won the second consecutive world championship.

The winner of the World Championship in March this year, but this season the three Russians, Ariona Kostruna, Anna Shervakova, and Alexandra Tolsova, who use the same three-turn and four-turn jump as weapons, swept the podium. He was ranked 6th at the bottom of the Grand Prix [GP] final in Turin this month.

After the Pyeongchang Olympics, Akita Inu, which he had liked before, was presented by the Akita Inu Preservation Society. It was named “Masaru [win]” with the meaning of victory, and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe witnessed the ceremony. *

He said that he is now studying for university entrance, saying, “I will go to a sports university and become a coach.” [Joint]

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