ZEH achievements of the Energy Agency and house makers = Achievement and evaluation of government goals, issues of dissemination of ZEH by construction shops, examination of explanation tool development

The Agency for Natural Resources and Energy of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has indicated that it has "achieved" the government's goal of "achieving ZEH in more than half of custom-built detached houses built by house makers by 2020."

At the ZEH Demonstration Project Survey Presentation hosted by the agency on the 2nd, the penetration rate of house makers ZEH, Nearly ZEH, and ZEH Oriented reached 56.9% in FY2008. Was explained and evaluated through the executive body.

In 2015, the agency formulated a ZEH roadmap that states, "By 20 years, standard new homes will be built, and by 30 years, the average of new homes will be ZEH." The subsidy system has promoted ZEH by requiring registration as a ZEH builder / planner.

As a result, it led to achievements centered on major house makers. On the other hand, for businesses with a small number of construction starts per year, sales / contracts and subsidy systems do not match, and ZEH orders aimed at utilizing subsidies are far from the actual results of major manufacturers.

The ministry believes that it is important to promote orders from construction shops, etc. for future dissemination.

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