ZEH builder evaluation system, 4 stars or less announced = promotion to achieve target

A survey presentation of ZEH support projects developed by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of the Environment was held on November 29, and only five stars are currently announced in the evaluation system of ZEH Builder / Planner (hereinafter referred to as Builder) However, in the spring of 2009, which reports on the results of fiscal 2020, he renewed the idea that operators from 1 to 4 stars will also announce. Initially, publication from the FY18 results report was also considered, but it was postponed. In FY2008, the ZEH builder / planner system (builder system), which requires that each builder have a penetration rate of 50% or higher, has increased the number of builders, while achieving no results. Or the builder who doesn't report it is also in a prominent bipolar state. The Energy Agency intends to disclose the builder's evaluation specifically and encourage the builder's active efforts to achieve the goal.

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