ZEH subsidy target is a high-rise condominium to! Housing for environmental awareness

Environmental issues and hear the first”global warming”to all over the world would. In 2015, the country has global warming for the Discuss conference COP21 and adopted the”Paris Agreement”, the countries are a cause of global warming of greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets voluntarily set. Japan’s goal is by 2030 in 2013 compared to the 26%reduction was.

To achieve this goal, the Japan energy consumption of the radical overhaul was performed in an urgent need of energy saving in the home only. Therefore, thermal insulation etc thermal insulation, enhance access to energy can Energy as much as possible without consuming from solar power energy to create,energy consumption of real zero”net zero energy House(ZEH)”the spread of government by advancing.

The government is”by 2020, House manufacturers, etc. of architectural custom detached houses the majority of the ZEH in by 2030, all new housing of more than 50% ZEH to”and achieve the goal, the subsidy also introduced and promoted. ZEH builders and registered housing manufacturers and building and ZEH planner as a registered architectural firm, ZEH specification of Housing to be built if subsidies that are subject to. Thus public-private cooperation, ZEH awareness is gradually increasing.

But, on the other hand ZEH is a high-rise condominium for such stocks. ZEH to achieve photovoltaic power generation and energy creation is an important key, the apartment is the rooftop area is limited. Number of units increase per household of, the power generation amount is reduced well. High-rise, so has the ZEH meet the criteria is difficult.

This in addition to the aging population and urban areas of residential concentration, which in the urban areas of multifamily housing,and high-rise apartments in ZEH able to meet future challenges.

The government has also,in a high-rise condominium of ZEH promotion is off to you. This can be a big change starting to happen. Housing-a major manufacturer of Sekisui House, Ltd. 〈1928〉high-rise condominiums of ZEH reduction coming to us.

Sekisui House is 9 months 18 days,Chuo-ku, Osaka of all the units in the fuel cell employing the 36-storey skyscraper apartments”(tentative name)kamimachi itchome Tower PJ”is the housing of ZEH reduction to promote the demonstration project, as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry”Fiscal 2019 skyscraper ZEH-M demonstration project”to adopted people. Some high-rise condominiums ZEH subsidy target was.

“(Tentative name)kamimachi itchome Tower PJ”, The Japan Plate Glass Co., Ltd. vacuum Glass”super up”adopting,from every corner of the globe at the opening of the high thermal insulation properties, as well as to assure all units of water heater to the”household fuel cell(ENE-farm)”was introduced,almost all houses in comfort and energy savings both. These two, by the combination of all the units in the ZEH meet the standards of the entire building, evaluation and ZEH-M standards at the same time to be successful.

Developers, along with the efforts of the skyscraper apartments in ZEH reduction can be demonstrated and that says a lot. In the future, high-rise condominium when considering the purchase of also ZEH is important one of the options, and the value of homes to improve even more. Japan’s housing of ZEH into the housing, including the full-fledged era of might. (Editor in charge:Imai, Shintaro)

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