Zenjuren suggests a simplified guideline version to resume practice

On the 2nd, Executive Director Soya Nakazato of the All Japan Judo Federation [Zenjuren] indicated that he would prepare a simplified version of the guidelines for resuming practice due to the effects of the new coronavirus.

After the New Coronavirus Countermeasures Committee that was held online, he explained that he was trying to put out a guideline for resuming practice with illustrations so that the children could understand it, according to a representative interview.

Zenjuren announced four-stage guidelines in early June. The first stage is "Judo that does not combine with the other person", and it is performed mainly by one person driving and passive in an area of ​​4 tatami mats per person. From the 2nd stage, it becomes possible to drive in combination with the opponent, and in the 3rd stage, you can scramble in a battle format. The fourth stage in which external matches and training are permitted is two months or more after the training is restarted.

Depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus, the practice stage in the area also varies greatly. One month after the resumption of practice in Tokyo, where there are many infected people, it is still in the first stage, and in areas where there are few infected people, it has proceeded to the third stage, highlighting the issue of "training disparity." The guidelines were clearly stated in writing, and some of the people concerned expressed that they were “too detailed and difficult to understand”.

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