Zeroichi Familia Kawase Moe Digital lingerie cuts the finest lingerie cut

Moe Kawase, who is a member of Zeroichi Familia and is active as a model talent, made her first gravure and unveiled her first underwear[SPA! The cut of the digital photo book "Moe Kawase" [Fusosha] has been lifted.

The shooting theme was "The first two-day trip with Carre." From the appearance of walking on the promenade full of her feelings, to the moment of shameful appearance of purple underwear, to the moment of excitement wrapped in bedroom sheets with disordered hair, she shows her glamorous beautiful body generously. [Another cut isHereFrom]

Kawase commented on this filming, “I wanted to do gravure work for a long time, but I was nervous because I was shooting for the first time. I do not know what pose I can take and I may be confused by my expression I can't do that [laughs]. " "I've done my best, so I want many people to see it. I'd like to continue doing gravure, so I will study the poses and do my best [laughs]."

In addition, the mook “Beta SPA! Shunsho Girl vol.4“ First Swimsuit ”” on sale contains cuts from Kawase that could not be included in the digital photo book.


▽ "SPA! Shunsho Girl vol.4" First Swimsuit ""

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