Zinc and folic acid supplements turned out to be “ no effect to increase sperm '', on the contrary there is also the possibility of side effects


Zinc and folic acid supplements turned out to be “ no effect to increase sperm '', on the contrary there is also the possibility of side effects

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zincIs a shortage of menGonadal dysfunctionAnd reduced spermatogenesis are associated with active cell divisionFolic acidAt the same time, it has been taken as a "supplement that improves the quantity and quality of semen". However, a detailed analysis of semen from more than 2,000 men revealed that zinc and folic acid supplements do not have the effect of improving semen quantity or quality.

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One third of couples suffering from infertilityMale infertilityAnd in such cases the quality of the male semen is the main problem. Therefore, it has been thought that fertility is improved by actively ingesting zinc contained in semen at a concentration 30 times that of blood to improve semen quality.

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However, whether zinc or folic acid supplements actually enhance semen quality has not been extensively tested,National Institutes of Health Internal Research ProgramThe researchers, including senior investigator Enrique Schisterman, have conducted experiments in which men are taking supplements to test the effect.

The research team first recruited 2,370 men working on fertility with their partners at a healthcare facility as participants in the experiment and divided them into two groups of 1185. After that, the experimental group received a supplement containing 30 mg of zinc and 5 mg of folic acid, one tablet per day, and the other control groupplaceboHave a drinkPlacebo controlled trialFor 6 months.

At the end of the experimental period, the researchers looked at pregnancy rates in both groups, and found that men in the experimental group had a 34% chance of giving birth, compared with 35% in the control group, rather than taking placebo. The result is that the probability is slightly higher for the group. Furthermore, when examining the "percentage of sperm DNA fragmentation", which is one of the causes of infertility, it was 29.7% in the experimental group, but 27.2% in the control group. Gave the opposite result.

The research team compared the quality of the semen in both groups in detail, such as "concentration and amount, total number of sperm, motility, shape", but no significant difference was found. It was also found that men in the experimental group reported more gastrointestinal disorders, such as abdominal pain or abdominal discomfort, nausea, and vomiting, than did men in the control group.

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"People undergoing fertility treatment are looking for a way to treat the matter, and the cost of supplements is $ 60 per month, and tens of thousands of dollars (several hundreds)," said Schisterman. Cost)InvasionAlthough it was cheaper than a holistic treatment, the experimental results were disappointing. "

“ In large and rigorous randomized trials, dietary supplements such as zinc and folic acid do not increase the likelihood of pregnancy in the couple, but rather cause less beneficial side effects, '' said co-author Matthew Peterson. For men of all ages, a healthy diet can help maintain reproductive function, but if you take additional specialties to improve semen quality, It doesn't make sense, "he said, adding that supplements are ineffective in treating fertility.

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