“Zoff” and the University of Tokyo startup “ACES” form a business partnership–AI expands the possibilities of glasses

Intermestic, which operates the glasses brand "Zoff", announced a business tie-up with the company's research and development organization "Zoff Eye Performance Studio" [ZEPS] and ACES, an AI startup from the University of Tokyo Matsuo Lab. Started efforts on DX [Digital Transformation] using human sensing technology.

 Zoff established ZEPS, the first research and development institution, as the core of rebranding toward 2021 which marks the 20th anniversary of its founding. ACES also develops and provides image recognition algorithms centered on human sensing technology [action recognition technology] that detects and analyzes human behavior and emotions.

ACES, which has strengths in human sensing technology, empathizes with ZEPS's vision of "expanding human potential by utilizing IT/AI technology for glasses and stores and refining the customer experience," and uses AI We agreed to provide full support from the design to the technical development and operation.

Due to the business tie-up, ACES's AI will update customer service and products, which are Zoff's core competencies. In the long term, against the backdrop of technological breakthroughs such as IT and AI, the company is aiming to present value as a tool that expands the possibilities of human beings, instead of retaining glasses as vision correction equipment.

Aim of ZEPS and ACES joint development

Aim of ZEPS and ACES joint development

As future prospects, we will apply human sensing technology and consider efforts to improve eye performance and human performance. ZEPS and ACES will research and develop "new functions," "new products," and "new services" that go beyond existing products and services to improve not only eyes' performance but also human performance. Specifically, "Development of frames and lenses for the purpose of improving eye performance and physical ability in daily life and sports scenes" "Promotion of R&D through optical and digital approaches" "Machine learning and deep learning"・Building a production, distribution, and sales base using the IoT, etc. Through these, it is said to lead the new normal of the eyeglass industry.

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