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Zoom in video conferencing, security committee established for vulnerability countermeasures. Former FB's Staymos and others-Engadget Japan


In order to stop the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), lockdowns and remote work are being carried out in various countries, and the video conferencing tool Zoom is rapidly gaining attention. Applications that are rapidly gaining in popularity tend to be frequently hacked for security vulnerabilities, and Zoom is also finding more and more problems.

Eric's founder and CEO, Zoom, wrote about security enhancements for the application, set up a security advisory board, and welcomed Alex Stamos, chief security officer at Facebook as an external security consultant. The biggest drawback of Zoom was that users who did not need to join the meeting were more likely to invade and trawl the video conference. Therefore, in some states and cities in the United States,Prohibit use of Zoom for remote classes such as elementary school studentsAnd other measures were taken.

Zoom, on the other hand, turns on the meeting waiting room feature, changes the default settings so that the host approves the participants, and displays an entrance icon to make it easier for the host to set the security of the meeting room. And other minor improvements. However, Google and others still take defensive measures, such as banning the use of Zoom because employees do not meet security standards.

Despite security issues being reported on a daily basis, the use of Zoom in Japan is becoming a mid-boom. Anyone who wants to get on the "big wave" is free to do anything, but if you're talking about confidential or confidential information, Google Hangouts MeetAnd CISCO, which also has functions for telecommutingWebex, Microsoft Teams, SkypeMeet NowUsing a proven video conferencing application may save you extra risk.

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