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Zoom plans to offer strong encryption for paid members-Engadget Japan

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Video conferencing service Zoom has announced plans to offer strong encryption for paying members.

Under the prohibition of going out and the blockade of the city due to the new Corona Eros, Zoom is increasing the number of users significantly as the work needs of telework and the needs of online lessons increase. HoweverSecurity measures were neglectedAs a result, users unrelated to the conference are allowed to invade, and vandalism called Zoom bombing frequently occurs. In response to it,A committee was set up to strengthen security measuresThere is a background.

The announcement is that the company's security advisor, former Facebook chief security officer Alex Stamos, responded to a Reuters interview. Stamos commented that he plans to "enhance the encryption of video conferencing by paying members and educational institutions such as schools," but also said that it will not provide it to free users.

Zoom in MayAnnounced acquisition of Keybase with end-to-end encryption technologyIt ’s just It was also stated that the company's technology, which has been engaged in encryption services such as text chat and file sharing, will be provided to all paid accounts in the near future.

However, Stamos added that the plan is still in flux and may change. In other words, it is not decided whether non-profit organizations or political dissidents can use accounts with enhanced security. However, he also takes in the views of privacy advocates and says that "technical, safety, and business factors" will be integrated into the plan.

Later, Zoom spokesman to Engadget, citing the company's cryptographic design proposal, saying the plans for end-to-end encryption are "in progress." further[Zoom 5.0 update at the end of AprilIt also emphasizes the launch of support for 256-bit AES encryption for all users.

To begin with, Zoom must have claimed protection with 256-bit AES, but actually it is a little over 128 bits, and it uses ECB mode that can guess the encryption key from the data pattern.Had been rose.. Now I hope to keep my promise.



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